Priscilla Robbins

Priscilla graduated with a degree in Christian Ministries B.A., 2010 and currently works as the Director of Rescue the Children in Fresno, CA.

Originally published as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration, November 2019.

Service is Engrained into Everything

The daughter of a bishop, Priscilla was raised to believe in serving others in and outside the church. From an early age, her calling has been to help women in need. Her ability to understand, value and see people as the Lord does has been evident in her work at the Fresno Rescue Mission as a volunteer, case manager, program coordinator and eventually director of Rescue the Children. Priscilla attributes her ministry and leadership classes, along with her Christian ministries practicum, for giving her the hands-on experience needed for her current work. Priscilla's current role allows her to meet with women one-on-one, lead Bible studies, provide a safe space for children undergoing difficult transitions, and reach out to other women in need throughout Fresno. Priscilla and Rescue the Children also continue to give back and bless current FPU students by providing an option for their practicum.

7 Areas of Prayer: Ministry / Human Services

  1. Wisdom, health and faithfulness for ministry workers

  2. Improved mental health awareness

  3. End to cyclical poverty, homelessness and addiction

  4. Healing of trauma

  5. More volunteers and lay leaders

  6. Spiritual vitality among believers

  7. FPU grads pursuing careers in ministry

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