Yammilette Rodriguez

Yami graduated from FPU with a Leadership and Organizational Studies, M.A. in 2006 and currently serves as the Senior Director of Youth Leadership Institute in Fresno, CA.

Originally published as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration, November 2019.

Reaching Back and Pulling Others Forward

Yammilette Rodriguez's parents told her she was going to college. They didn't know exactly what that would look like or how she'd get there, but it was going to happen. That moment instilled a passionate drive in Yami that has stuck with her, and has informed all of her professional and personal choices from then on. Yami's journey at Fresno Pacific University started with her position as a community relations coordinator and then as director of traditional undergraduate admission. Throughout her academic, professional and personal journey, Yami has seen the benefit of reaching back and pulling others in the community forward. Her work as senior director of Youth Leadership Institute aims to uplift young people in the Central Valley and provides training, encouragement and mentoring so young people are empowered to make tangible change in their communities. Yami believes that higher education, buy-in from adults and community leaders and mentors to walk alongside students are the keys to uplifting the youth in our cities.

7 Areas of Prayer: Nonprofit / Youth

  1. Vitality for non-profit organizations

  2. Increase in funding and volunteers for nonprofits

  3. Increased engagement of citizens their community

  4. Wisdom for politicians and leaders

  5. Mentors for youth

  6. Strong leadership in nonprofits

  7. FPU grads pursuing careers in nonprofits

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