Max Steinert

Max graduated with a Mathematics B.A. in 1967 and currently works as a partner at Steinert Investments in Bakersfield, CA.

Originally published as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration, November 2019.

Business Beyond the Numbers

It takes a person like Max Steinert to see business beyond the numbers. Max helps run his family real estate and property management business in Bakersfield, CA. When you're the son of Marvin Steinert, the traditions of fairness in business, attention to detail, and honesty in relationships influences more than just your business decisions. Thanks to his family, Max believes in investing in the community and the next generation. In addition to his ongoing service to the Bakersfield community, many locations on Fresno Pacific University's campus from the Alumni Hall/Charlotte's Coffee Corner to the Steinert Campus Center would not be the same without the generous contributions of Steinert and his family. By combining hard work, generosity and integrity into his company, Max truly represents the best of the business community.

7 Areas of Prayer: Business

  1. Local business growth

  2. Entrepreneurship in students

  3. Ethics in business

  4. Spirit of generosity and philanthropy

  5. Integrity in business practice

  6. Prosperity in the Central Valley

  7. FPU grads pursuing careers in business

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